Narragansett District Strategic Plan                                                  

Action Planning Subgroups: Strategies and Support



Subgroup 1 – Standards-based Instruction                    Meeting Date: TBD

  • Implementing deep, integrated standards-based instruction
  • Maintaining an emphasis on numeracy, literacy, and other foundational skills
  • Promoting success for all students

Facilitator - Janice DeFrances   EMAIL: 

SPC members: Carol Prest, Amy Cohen, Tom Sweeney – support

To be recruited: SIT members, faculty



Subgroup 2 – Learning Communities                        Meeting Date: 10/1, 5-7, at HS

  • Establishing small, personalized learning communities
  • Empowering decision-making at all levels

Facilitator - Dan Warner  EMAIL:

SPC members: Maureen Chronley, Ray Ranaldi, Roland Lambert, Laura Woods, Caity Fair, Christine Sullivan, Lynn Charlton.  To be recruited: teachers



Subgroup 3 – Professional Development and Mentoring     Meeting Date: 9/24, 2 hrs.

  • Developing well-prepared teachers and administrators through professional development and mentoring

Facilitator - Patti Pezzullo   EMAIL:

SPC members: Doug Wardwell

To be recruited: teachers from all 3 schools, mentoring coordinators



Subgroup 4 – Health and Safety                                Meeting Date: 9/26, 9:00 at HS

  • Fostering health and safety

Facilitator. – Steve Coppinger    EMAIL:      

SPC members: Andy Nota, Cathy Giard.  To be recruited: Custodians and/or Maintenance Director, Prevention Counselor, Juvenile Officer, School Nurse.  Use Safety Plan/Crisis Management Plan.



Subgroup 5 – Family and Community Engagement     Meeting Dates:  9/24, 6-7:30,

      Pier School, 10/9, 2:30-4, Pier

  • Engaging families
  • Making community connections

Facilitator. – Leslie Improta    EMAIL:         

SPC members:  John Reardon, John DeCubellis, Christine Sullivan, Nancy Devaney.  To be recruited: PR or newspaper person, Rec. dept., YMCA, teachers, TA’s, students.