Narragansett School System

Spring 2010


School Counselor





  • Certified school counselor;
  • Knowledgeable and current in federal and state initiatives and guidance relating to school counseling including the ASCA National Model, the American School Counselor Associationís National Standards for Student Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development, the Rhode Island Framework for Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Programs, confidentiality requirements, transition planning, and secondary school reform regulations, ADA, IDEA, and 504 regulations;
  • A life-long learner as demonstrated by active, professional development in the area of school counseling;
  • Effective communication skills;
  • Demonstrated organizational skills; and
  • Ability to work cooperatively with staff, school administration, parents and outside agencies.




  • Implement a comprehensive school counseling program that includes school counseling curriculum, individual student planning through the implementation and maintenance of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), responsive services, transition planning, and system support;
  • Provide direct counseling services to students individually and in small groups;
  • Advise students regarding academic and career planning and participation in school and community activities;
  • Provide parents and students access to information about careers, apprenticeships, and post-secondary schools*;
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers, school support staff, parents, students, and community members to address the needs of students;
  • Disseminate information to parents and students regarding support services and facilitate referrals to such services when required;
  • Assist students with transitions between grades, schools, and between the high school and post-secondary opportunities*;
  • Advocate for the most appropriate educational program for each student as well as access and equity for all students;
  • Comply with confidentiality regarding student records;
  • Effectively use technology to maintain records, document progress toward proficiency-based graduation requirements, and to document lessons; and
  • Participate in the implementation of ongoing systemic change by using data to change policy and practice.
  • Where applicable, assist school testing coordinator with school-wide assessments.**
  • Assist administration with promotion and National Junior Honor Society ceremonies.**


*References to post-secondary planning involve the high school counselors only.

**Tasks related to work at the middle school only.