Spring 2013


Narragansett School System



Athletic Director




The Athletic Director will be directly under the supervision of the High School Principal in consultation with the Superintendent. He/she will provide students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities that will foster physical skills and a sense of worth and competence, a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of sports, and the principles of fair play. He/she will implement the policies of the Narragansett School System.




         Current First Aid and CPR Cards & AED Training

         RI Coaching Certificate

         NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course preferred

         Certified Athletic Administrator preferred

         Experience with student athletic activities

         Evidence of leadership skills with staff and students

         Exemplary communication and organization skills

         Experience in the desired position preferred

         Knowledge of Supervision and Evaluation models for Athletic Coaches

         Experience with Budget Development



1.      Recommends the hiring of coaches and involved in the interscholastic programs, and works to ensure that members of the coaching staff are qualified, certified, and reflect high personal and professional standards. Provides leadership and direction to the athletic staff resulting in effective communication between the Director and staff.

2.      Supervises and evaluates coaches per district policy.

3.      Acts as liaison between coaches, administrators, teachers, students, as well as people and agencies outside of the school setting.

4.      Ensures that all phases of the athletic program are consistent with the policies and philosophy of the Narragansett High School and the Narragansett School Committee.

5.      Safeguards the welfare of all student athletes.

6.      Prepares, confirms and coordinates assignment of all athletic schedules for the fall, winter, and spring sports practices and programs, supervisors, scorers, timers, and announcers for activities and schedules in the intramural program.

7.      Hires all officials for home contests that are not provided by the Interscholastic League, and evaluates all officials.

8.      Supervises and schedules all practice sessions and ensures readiness of all athletic facilities (i.e., fields are lined, courts ready, etc.) as well as works with outside groups on the use of facilities.


9.      Works with principal and coaches helping schedule and supervise student rallies, undertaking programs aimed at developing and sustaining school spirit.

10.  Verifies eligibility of Interscholastic League participants and processes insurance and consent forms and resolves any problem issues related to athletes, as well as ensures that all rules and regulations concerning interscholastic athletics are adhered to.

11.  Holds periodic meetings and training for the coaching staff to relate information from meetings at the state level and to review local policies, problems, new directions, etc.

12.  Serves as liaison with the guidance department and the teaching staff in order to meet the needs of athletes.

13.  Coordinates the presence of medical services and availability of a rescue unit for all home football contests and orders and stocks appropriate first aid equipment, following documentation procedures in the instances of accident/injury.

14.  Undertakes an annual and continuous study of athletic injuries as they relate to insurance coverage, and, in cooperation with the central administration, studies various insurance programs in order to make recommendations in this area.

15.  Follows Narragansett School District fiscal policies and procedures and works closely with the Director of Finance and the High School Principal to devise an athletic budget and to monitor costs and revenue.

16.  Assumes responsibility for development of good public relations with the media.

17.  Represents the Narragansett High School Athletic Department at athletic conferences and workshops.

18.  Orders all athletic awards and prepares for athletic assemblies.

19.  Selects and purchases needed equipment for the athletes, ensuring equipment maintenance and using an appropriate inventory system.

20.  Provides ongoing information to the principal and staff on athletic issues at the state and local level.

21.  Responsible for locker room safety, cleanliness, assignment of athletic locks and lockers.

22.  Arranges for transportation for all team trips.

23.  Tracks CPR, AED, First Aid, and Fundamentals of Coaches Certifications for all coaches and BBP for those coaches not employed as teachers in the Narragansett School System. Forwards this information to Central Office. Assists in informing coaches of required training.