Narragansett School System

Spring 2008

TITLE:         Literacy Coach Specifications




The literacy coach will be directly under the supervision of the assistant superintendent in consultation with the principals and assistant principals.  He/she will assist the administration in the development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of literacy programs in the district.  He/she will implement the policies of the Narragansett School System.




ˇ        Certified reading specialist with experience implementing research-based reading interventions to students who are reading below grade level;

ˇ        Understanding of reading intervention programs and structures that can be applied to Response to Intervention and Professional Learning Communities models and ability to apply this understanding to assist in the design of effective intervention systems at all three schools;

ˇ        Thorough understanding of and ability to provide training in reading assessments including AimsWeb, Dibels, PALs, Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, and DRA and in reading instruction including balanced literacy.

ˇ        Knowledgeable and current in state and federal initiatives relating to reading;

ˇ        Thorough understanding of reading and writing GL(S)Es and ability to facilitate workshops focused on using these expectations to guide and improve instruction;

ˇ        Demonstrated understanding of adult learning theory and strategies and ability to apply this understanding to working with staff;

ˇ        Willingness to support a vision for training & support for reading instruction;

ˇ        A life-long learner as demonstrated by active, professional development in the areas of standards-based instruction, differentiation of instruction, literacy, Response to Intervention, adult learning, and federal and state initiatives;

ˇ        Effective communication skills;

ˇ        Demonstrated organizational skills;

ˇ        Understanding of standards-based instructional practices as demonstrated by written and implemented standards-based units;

ˇ        Experience in or willingness to be trained in coaching skills and in literacy program coordination;

ˇ        Skills in collecting, analyzing, and using data for decision-making; and

ˇ        Ability to work cooperatively with staff and school and central administration.




ˇ        Provide teachers with professional development; in-class consultation, assistance, feedback, and modeling through a structured and well-scheduled program;

ˇ        Work with administrators to schedule literacy coaching for the schools and to document change over time.  The literacy coach is a part of a district-wide initiative to promote change and alignment of reading instruction across grade levels;

ˇ        Work with teachers to use assessments, student work, and other data to analyze current practice and identify areas for improvement;

ˇ        Give presentations, facilitate meetings, and work in classrooms with teachers & students; 

ˇ        Demonstrate evidence of their own continuing professional development and be willing to participate in specified coach training;

ˇ        Maintain accurate records and prepare reports for the school and district for submission to the state;

ˇ        Collect data necessary for program monitoring and evaluation and effectively present information to all school constituencies;

ˇ        Oversee and coordinate literacy screening, diagnostic testing, and progress monitoring for literacy;

ˇ        Oversee and coordinate PLP development and implementation;

ˇ        Represent the program area at functions such as teacher, parent orientation, yearly transitional meetings, and other after school and evening functions when asked by administration;

ˇ        Participate in hiring of teachers by serving on appropriate committees;

ˇ        Conduct departmental meetings;

ˇ        Maintain open communication among principals, teachers, parents, and students;

ˇ        Contribute to the development of the budget, orders instructional supplies and equipment relating to literacy, and submit requisitions to the principal using the approved purchase order protocol;

ˇ        Exercise inventory control and distribution of books, supplies and equipment;

ˇ        Work with school administration on developing a school-wide calendar, scheduling of classes and personnel assignments, including student teachers,  in the department;

ˇ        Along with the assistant superintendent, prepare policies and procedures relating to literacy and develop appropriate assessment practices;

ˇ        Articulate the literacy program among the middle school, elementary, and high schools through the development of a K-12 articulated literacy program;

ˇ        Continually review student needs, teaching methods, and instructional materials to provide curriculum continuity; and

ˇ        Develop and model relevant and varied instructional approaches and a variety of assessment methods.




Annual Appointment

Work year                    Same as classroom teacher

Compensation:  As agreed to in the NEA/Narragansett NEARI contract