Spring 2013


Narragansett School System


TITLE:Physical Therapist




Application of physical therapy techniques to assist children with a documented disability in the development and restoration of motor function.Physical Therapists may evaluate and/or treat an individual only by order of a physician or dentist licensed to practice in the State of Rhode Island. This position reports to the Special Education Administrator and the Building Principal.







1.      Works cooperatively with school staff to facilitate the educational participation for children with physical disabilities

2.      Plans daily physical therapy activities and provides direct physical therapy services to students as required in Individualized Education Programs and Section 504 Plans

3.      Develops and maintains current student service delivery schedules.

4.      Participates, as appropriate, in the special education evaluation process

5.      Develops physical therapy goals and objectives for Individualized Education Programs and section 504 Plans

6.      Consults with parents, educational personnel, doctors, medical agencies and vendors

7.      Designs and adapts the physical environment and adapts equipment

8.      Evaluates students using standardized and non-standardized techniques through formal and informal observation

9.      Maintains accurate records on treatment programs and student progress

10.  Maintains equipment used in the provision of physical therapy services

11.  Provides home sessions with parents when deemed necessary to the studentís performance and improvement

12.  Educate, train and supervise educational staff and families in lifting, carrying and handling techniques

13.  Communicates to parents/guardians regarding student progress and treatment

14.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Special Education Administrator