Spring 2013


Narragansett School System



District-wide School Social Worker




The School Social Worker is directly under the supervision of the principal and the Director of Student Services.He/she helps children and families resolve personal, emotional and social problems that interfere with their adjustment and performance in school and serves as the liaison between school and home.This school-year position has a flexible schedule to accommodate the duties and responsibilities.




  • Certification as a Social Worker
  • Demonstrated ability to perform the responsibilities of the position as evidenced by course work, social work experience, school-level involvement, professional activities, and the interview process
  • Previous experience as a school Social Worker preferred




1.      Prepare social/developmental histories on children having or suspected of having a disability and reporting those findings to parents and school teams including Evaluation Team, IEP Team and RTI Team;

2.      Provide group/individual counseling with students and/or families;

3.      Engage disenfranchised students and families to prevent at risk students from dropping out; participate as a member of dropout prevention teams;

4.      Assist in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies, behavior intervention plans, and functional behavioral assessments;

5.      Collaborate and consult with teachers, administrators, members of the Evaluation Team, as well as other school teams and personnel to provide for the behavioral-social-emotional needs of students and their families;

6.      Assess, intervene and refer, if necessary, individual students, or groups of students, and family members who present in crisis.Participate in the crisis intervention teams that deal with students who are a danger to themselves or others;

7.      Provide education to small groups of students, individual classes or grades to increase prevention of bullying and harassment and pro-social behavior;

8.      Mediate with groups or pairs of students to resolve differences and foster a better sense of community and teamwork;

9.      Serve as liaison between home and school when considerable follow-up is necessary, and work closely with health, social service, and police agencies to coordinate services;

10.  Advocate for students and families who are homeless as district Homeless Liaison;

11.  Maintain current information about community social service agencies and counseling services for the purpose of referrals;

12.  Assist in the coordination of transitions from Early Intervention Programs and community agencies to school programs, from school to school andfrom school programs to community agencies;

13.  Conduct home visits and provide consultation and recommendations to parents regarding behavior and social issues;

14.  Collect data for regulatory compliance reports; analyze data to inform instruction and support school and district decision making and input behavioral data into student data management system;

15.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal or Director of Student Services.

16.  Participate in Functional Behavior Assessments/Behavior Intervention Plans and Manifestation Determination Meetings as needed.

17.  Participate in school-based evaluation team meetings to review Special Education referrals.Obtain permission for indicated evaluations from parent and submit in a timely manner forms to the student services office as well as collaborate with LEAís and department heads to ensure compliance with Special Education regulations and timelines.

18.  Provide counseling and social skills groups for students with IEPís as outlined within their plans, ensure progress notes are written.