For internal candidates:


Because we have full information on file for any current employees, please follow this abbreviated version of applying through SchoolSpring for open positions.


·         It is necessary to put in the basic information to build a profile, creating a user name and a password.  Then name, address, phone #, e-mail address, highest degree earned and information on credits beyond degree, date available to start work, current contract information, and eligibility to work in the US are all starred* and must be put in.  You can then click on “Save Changes” to move on to the next screen.  Note:  If any of the starred sections are skipped, it will return you to this screen until you complete them.


·         A box for a cover letter is provided where you can put in your letter of interest for the position for the coming school year.  Then click on “Save Changes.”


·         For the Resume section, please put in the educational institution, degree, and dates of attendance only so you can move forward.  It is possible to ignore the sections entitled: Experience, Additional Info, Transcripts, Test Scores, Certifications, Languages, and Extracurricular.


·         Reference names are required.  Please feel free to use the Principals, Assistant Principals, and/or co-workers here in Narragansett to complete this stage and use their school addresses to fulfill this requirement.  No actual letters of reference are necessary.


·         A list on the left side of your screen of various parts of the application is followed by “APPLY FOR JOBS.”  If you click on that, you are taken to a search page.  On the right side of that page is a box where you can search for jobs by Job ID.  Please put in the job # for the particular job you are interested in and click on “View.”


·         At the top of the job posting is a button to click on to “Apply for this job!”


·         A list of “Background Questions” comes up, where you answer “no” to 10 questions regarding any historical interaction with police.  Then click on “next” and you get a “congratulations” message about completing the background questions.


·         Finally, an “Applicant Statement and Authorization” comes up, where you are asked to check the box if you swear that you have been honest, agree to a background check prior to employment (which is not necessary in your case), and agree to reference checks—all standard stuff.  So you can check the box and click on “Submit Application.”


·         You should see a message that your application has been successfully submitted.  Nice job--You are done and can logout!


You will get a message at the e-mail address you have provided thanking you for applying.  Later on, when your application is opened by administration, you will get an e-mail saying your application is being reviewed.