Native Americans
In November, we study the Eastern Woodlands Indians and the Plains Indians.  We learn about their homes, clothing, ways of travel, food and customs.  You can take a trip with us to The Museum of Primitive Culture.
Take  a  look  at  our  Eastern  woodlands  villages.

There is firewood next to the wigwam.  We built wigwams.  I liked  making a snake.  Our village has a corn crop.  We used paper mache for the wigwams. I  think  our  village  is  the  best  because people did hard work on it.  It has  a  garden with  pumpkins and corn.  Our  village  has  a  longhouse. 
I  helped  to  make  a  wigwam.  I  added a  red leaf  that  we  collected  on  our  fall walk.  There  are  sticks  for  the  firewood  and  woods  and  snow.
We  used  paper  mache  to  make  the  wigwams.
I  liked  making  the  garden  in  the  Native  American  village.  I  made  the  longhouse where the Native  Americans  lived.  I  liked  when  I  painted  the  river.  They  lived  near  the  river  for  fishing.  I  liked  learning about  Native  Americans.

This  is  what  we  looked  liked in  our  vests.  We  decorated them with  pictographs  and wrote  our  Native  American  name  on  it.

Jumping  Sun
Swimming  Fish
Running  Ocean
Running  Deer
Dancing  Star
Brave  Knee
Fast  Deer
Swimming  Fish
Hopping  Rabbit
Running  Horse


Native American Sites