The BIG idea!!!  Who Am I?   Do you remember your birth? Your toddler years?  How about when mom showed you a picture of you dumping a big box of Cheerios over your head? We’ve all heard stories of our childhood and we love to retell them. This is an opportunity to record them using the writing process.  Students must interview parents, siblings, and/or other relatives to gather information in order to record this information.


To integrate technology into a differentiated (tiered) long term Language Arts project. 

b.  Essential questions:

1.   Self Discovery…how others see you and how you see yourself.

(How have your life experiences effected who you are? How do you see yourself now…and in the future? How can you use the writing process to communicate your experiences with others?)


2.   Performance Standards (attached)

3.  Curriculum Connections 4th Grade

The Writing Process (DI) (Writing a personal narrative)

Story Mapping/Hotspots

Organizational Skills (Inspiration)

Narrative account/self reflection (autobiography)

Integration of technology (word processing, scanning, digital camera, file extensions, web photos, powerpoint, network space, folders, trouble shooting, printing, airports, music files

Oral presentations/ Powerpoint presentations


4.   Pre-Assessment: Writing Samples and KWL of PowerPoint knowledge.  The attached lessons have pre-assessments.

5.   Share childhood stories through the art of storytelling.  (Discovering what you know about who you are.) Share and discuss what makes a good story.  Read an example/show a previous PowerPoint.

6.   MI: Students learned using several modalities.  While some students used written form to gather information others used auditory and oral retellings and still others used graphics and visuals.  This allowed students the opportunity to discover and use a learning style that suited their individual needs.

7.   Lessons (attached)

8.   Final Assessment (Rubric attached)

9.   Final Product/Culminating Event:  The final product included student Powerpoints as well as their autobiographies.  In addition, the students created a class Powerpoint of their last year at NES as well as a fourth grade powerpoint which included all seven 4th grade classrooms.  The students presented their Powerpoints to their parents on an evening in June.