Kindergarten Computer Literacy Center












Week 1 All About Me!
1. Who Am I? Listen to and read a story all about you. Use the mouse to choose special things about you. Play a game at the end of the story.

2. Friends Listen to a story about how friends help each other.










Week 2

Student Activities: Practice clicking, double clicking and dragging.

1. Blue Cow on the Playground Read about Blue Cow and her friends having fun on the playground.


2.Clean up clicking Find the objects and put them away.

3.Tidy the classroom Practice clicking, double clicking and click dragging to tidy up.






Week 3

Student Activities:

1. Monkey Faces Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct place to make Curious George's face.

2. Put it on the Shelf Sort the objects by click dragging them to the shelf.


3. Lecky's Friends Practice using the mouse and create new friends for Lecky.






Week 4

Student Activities:

1. Nina the Naming Newt Help Nina name things that belong in the box.

2. Counting Sheep Move sheep from one paddock to the other until there are the same number in each.

3. Clyde's Smile Listen to the story and help Clyde get his smile back.




Week 5

Student Activities: Practice clicking, double clicking and dragging.

1. Scary SpudsUse the mouse to drag and drop to make a scary spud.

2. Create a Monster Use the mouse to create a funny monster.

3. How Many? 12345 Match the number with the card to tell how many.





Week 6

Student Activities:

1. Feed Freddy Match numbers letters and colors to feed Freddy.

2. Hide and Hear the Adventures of Debbie Duck Listen to the story and use the mouse to follow directions.








Week 7

Student Activties:

1. Digby Mole's First Sounds Help Digby find the word that begins with the same sound.

2. Bees and Honey Count to ten while practicing mouse skills.






Week 8


Student Activities: Play some Spooky Games at Meddybemps!

1. Pirate's Maze

2. Leaf Sort What would you do with a pile of leaves?

3. Ghost Walk








Week 9

Student Activities: Counting Activities


1 .Count the Bananas Listen to a counting story.

2. Counting Fish Count the number of fish and click the right answer.






Week 10

Student Activities:

1. Picture Match Practice matching pictures to their beginning sound or vowel sound.

2. Kids on the Bus Drag and drop the right number of kids on the bus.








Week 11

Student Activities:

1. Reggie Rhino loves to rhyme! Help Reggie find words that rhyme.

2. Jay Jay the Jet Plane Matching Number Game Click the cards to match the picture to the number.





Week 12 - ABC Mouse

Student Activities: Letters and Numbers

1. ABC Mouse Reading

2. ABC Mouse Math







Week 13

Student Activities:


1. String of Beads Color the beads to complete the pattern.


3. Advent Calendar Open today's door and click again to play a game, listen to a story or make a craft.





Week 14

Student Activities: Happy Holidays!

1. Listen to the story "The Polar Express".Polar  Express

2. Listen to the story of the Nutcracker

Your Job: Use technology to enjoy literature.





Week 15

Student Activities:

1. Speakaboos! Listen to Twas the Night Before Christmas and then listen to other winter holiday stories.



2. Shape Sorter Load the correct object to match the shape in the truck.




Week 16

Student Activities:

1. Penguin PartyPenguinsListen and read along with this counting story.


2. Make-A-SnowFlakesnowflake
How creative can you be? Practice using the mouse to create different snowflakes.

3. Make a Calendar. calendar







Week 17

Student Activities:

1. Lanolin's GreenhouseLanolin Use technology to practice letter sounds.

2. Make a Snowman.snowman Use the mouse to create your own special snowman. Then count the snowmen.









Week 18

Student Activities:

1. Garfield's Chicken Coopchicken coopMatch the pictures that begin with the same sound.

2. The Day Little "a" Ran Away. Use technology to enjoy a story. Find out why little a is so important.

3. How Big Are You? Measure to find out how big the dinosaurs are.






Week 19

Student Activities:


1. Play number 1 at Starfall. Starfall You will make words with an and at. Then use what you know about letter sounds to help you read a story.

2. The HaylofthayloftMatch the sounds to the object.








Week 20

Student Activities: Patterns!

1. Patterns with Cookie Monster

2. Make your own pattern (only works on emacs)

3. Bert's Bottlecaps

Your job: Use technology to practice making patterns and sorting by shape, size and color.







Week 21

Student Activities: 100th Day!

1. 100 Snowballs What can you make with 100 snowballs?

2. The 100th Day of School Count to 100!







Week 22

Student Activities: Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Make a Valentine.
Put words together to make a valentine.

2. Do number 2 at Starfall.
You will make words with "en" and "et". Then read a story about about Peg the Hen.





Week 23

Student Activities:


1. Adding Bricks Add the bricks to find the total.


2. Pounce! Pounce on the word that matches the sound.









Week 24

Student Activities - What's the Weather?


1. The Weather Story Listen to a story about weather.

2.Dress the Bear Use technology to see how weather affects what you wear.

3. What should Lecky wear?
You have to select the right outfit to match the weather conditions shown in the window.








Week 25

Student Activities - What's the Weather?

1. Find a Four Leaf Clover
Find the 4 leaf clovers in different places and read the lucky words.

3. Play the Great Weather Race Game with a friend.
How does the weather affect what you wear?






Week 19

Student Activities:

1. Do #4 at Starfall.
You will make words with ot and og. Then use what you know about letter sounds to help you read a story.

2. Labeling colors You will practice recognizing color words.

2. Labeling fruit Practice recognizing the names of fruit.








Week 26

Student Activities:

1. Word World Use technology to learn about lots of different words.
Find the words by clicking on the animals or the map. Tour each place to hear words spelled out, and then add them to the My Words collection.

2. Count to Ten
Use technology to count objects and match the numeral to the right amount.



Week 27

Student Activities:

1. How Tall? Estimate and measure how tall something is.

1. Number Track Drag the number tiles to the correct spot on the number track.







Week 28

Student Activities: Reading and Sequence!

1. Picture Order and Word Order Activities

2. Listen to the rabbit stories at Bookflix, "Max and the Chocolate Chicken" and others. Practice reading skills as you read fiction and non-fiction books.






Week 29

Student Activities:

2. Number Sentences Combine the objects to find how many in all.

3. Choose an animal story to read. Read along with the story about an animal that you like.






Week 30

Student Activities: Celebrate Earth Day every day!

1. BrainPOP Jr. Earth Learn why we need to care for the Earth.
Remember our username is nes55 and our password is learn2 .

2. Starfall - Every Day is Earth Day!Earth Learn what you can do to help our planet Earth!

3. Create your own Cloud




Week 31

Student Activities:

1. Let's Make Words!Choose an ending like at then add a beginning letter to make rhyming words.

2. Build a Bug Create a bug by choosing different body parts.


3. I Can Read Read along with each sentence. Then listen and touch the right word.





Week 32
Student Activities

1. Word Family Sort Choose a vowel and then sort words into the correct word family.

2. Group the Animals Sort the animals into the right group.








Week 33

Student Activities:

1. Finding Groups Practice your math skills!

2. Switcheroo Zoo Make your own new animals!

3. BrainPopJr. Learn all about animals! Login - nes123 learn2





Week 34

Student Activities:

1. Make Words With Clifford


2. Clifford's Big Dig .



Week 35

Student Activities: Classification - Look closely at attributes of objects to help organize and group data.

1. Barnaby Bear Recycles Help Barnaby sort the trash by attributes.

2. Flo and Zo's Sorting Classify and group things by attributes such as shape, color, pattern, use or season!






Week 36

Student Activities: Building Words!

1. You will build words with the endings ff and ss:


2. You will build words that start with bl or br:

3. You will build words that start with cl or cr:

4. You will build words that end with ck:

5. You will explore words that end with ng:


6. Put words in alphabetical order!

If Time:
Match the number to the Number Word!

Your Job:

You will use technology to build words and put words in alphabetical order.