Kindergarten Computer Literacy Center









Week 1
Student Activities:

1. Feed Freddy
2. Hide and Hear The Adventures of Debbie Duck

If time

3. How Many

Your Job:
1. Match numbers, letters and colors to feed Freddy.
2. Listen to the story and use the mouse to follow directions.
3. Count and tell how many.





Week 2

Student Activities:
1. Pick a Pumpkin
2. Letter Match

Pumpkin fun at Meddybemps:
3. Carve a Pumpkin
4. Light the Lanterns
5. Pirate Puzzle
6. Ghost Walk

Your Job:
1. Read a story and make a jack-o-lantern.
2. Match uppercase and lowercase letters.
3. Practice dragging and dropping with the mouse.




Week 3

Student Activities:

1. Nina the Naming Newt
2. Counting Sheep

If time listen to:
3. Clyde's Smile

Your Job:
1. Help Nina name things that belong in the box.
2. Move sheep from one paddock to the other until there are the same number of sheep in each.
3. Listen to the story and help Clyde get his smile back.




Week 4

Student Activities:

1. Picture Match
2. It is Fall
3. Counting and Comparing Objects

Your Job:

1. Match pictures to the correct first letter.
2. Learn about some things seen and used during the fall season.
3. Count the animals in the picture. Record how many of each on the graph and compare.




Week 5

Student Activities:
Listen to these 2 poems and the song. Then play a rhyming game with Reggie Rhino.

1. Animal Poetry
2. My Shadow

3. Barnyard Babies
4. Reggie Rhino loves to Rhyme!

Your Job:

1. Listen for rhyming words in each of the poems and the song.
2. Help Reggie find words that rhyme.





Week 6 Counting!

Student Activities:
1. Count and Color

2. Bobbie Bear

3. Spin A Number

4. Penguin PartyPenguins

Your Job:

Use technology to practice counting.





Week 7

Student Activities:

1. Garfield's Chicken Coopchicken coop

2. Lanolin's GreenhouseLanolin

3. The Haylofthayloft

Your Job:

You will use technology to practice letter sounds.




Week 8

Student Activities:

1. String of Beads Color the beads to complete the pattern.

2. Select red level A then complete patterns with beads, shapes and numbers.

3. Listen to the story of the Nutcracker.

4. Advent Calendar
Open today's door and click again to play a game, listen to a story or make a craft.





Week 9

Student Activities:

1. Listen to the story "The Polar Express".Polar  Express Use technology to enjoy literature.

2. Make-A-SnowFlakesnowflake
How creative can you be? Practice using the mouse to create different snowflakes.





Week 10

Student Activities:

1. Do number 1 at Starfall. Starfall
Your Job: You will make words with an and at. Then use what you know about letter sounds to help you read a story.

2. Make a Snowman.snowman
Your Job: Use the mouse to create your own special snowman. Then count the snowmen.

3. Make a Calendar. calendar






Week 11

Student Activities: Listening to and reading stories.

1. The Day Little "a" Ran Away.
Your Job: Use technology to enjoy a story. Find out why little a is so important.

2. Do #3 at Starfall.
Your Job: Make words with ig and ip. Then read the The Big Hit with words that have the a and i sound that you hear in hat and hit.

3. Dress the snowman for winter fun. Use the mouse to drag the pieces to the right place.






Week 12

Student Activities:

1. Spell words with Caillou Use technology to seek and find letters.

2.Follow the Stars with Caillou Use technology to remember a pattern.

3. Build a Snowman Use technology to create artwork.







Week 13 - What's the Weather?

Check the Weather Pixies below to see what our weather is like.

The WeatherPixie  The WeatherPixie

1. The Weather Story Listen to a story about weather.

2.Dress the Bear Use technology to see how weather affects what you wear.

3. What should Lecky wear?
You have to select the right outfit to match the weather conditions shown in the window.







Week 14

1. Do #4 at Starfall.
You will make words with ot and og. Then use what you know about letter sounds to help you read a story.

2. Did the Groundhog see his shadow?

3. What will you wear?
Select the correct clothes for the weather.

If there's time play the Great Weather Race Game with a friend.
How does the weather affect what you wear?






Week 15

1. Make a Valentine.
Put words together to make a valentine.

2. Do number 2 at Starfall.
You will make words with "en" and "et". Then read a story about about Peg the Hen.

3. Let's Count to 100! Read the number words to count to 100.

4. Count Along to 100 Practice counting to 100. Fill in the missing number.






Week 16

Student Activities:

1. How Tall?
Estimate and measure how tall something is.

2. Level A Measurement
Measure and compare how long and how tall things are.

3. Hibernation
Learn about how and why some animals hibernate in winter.






Week 17

Student Activities:

1. Word World Use technology to learn about lots of different words.
Find the words by clicking on the animals or the map. Tour each place to hear words spelled out, and then add them to the My Words collection.

2. Count to Ten
Use technology to count objects and match the numeral to the right amount.

3. Adding Bricks
Use technology to count up the bricks as you add them together.







Week 18

Student Activities:

1. Find a Four Leaf Clover
Find the 4 leaf clovers in different places and read the lucky words.

2. Gus the Duck
You will make words with "ug" and play matching games. Then read a story about "Gus the Duck".

3. Buzzing with Shapes Find the shapes with the right number of sides.







Week 19

Lesson Links: Scholastic's BookFLIX
Use the link above to login. The user name is bkflix and the password is trial .

Student Activities:

1. Listen to 2 stories, "Max and the Chocolate Chicken" and "Easter". Practice reading skills as you read a fiction and non-fiction book.

2. Now explore the Puzzlers activity at the same site. Show what you know -- play a game!






Week 20

Student Activities:
1.  Read Peter RabbitListen and read the story of Peter Rabbit.
2.  Picture Order and Word Order Activities
Recognize that stories follow an order and groups of words make sentences.

  Red Level 2-D ShapesFind, match and trace shapes.

If time: Online Peter Rabbit Activities







Week 21

Student Activities:

1. Listen to the story The Sun and the North WindWhat important message did you learn?


2. Word Family Sort Choose a vowel and then sort words into the correct word family.

3. Make a Tangram pictureMove and place tangram shapes to make pictures.







Week 22

Student Activities:

1. Read about Clifford and Emily Elizabeth.
Recognize that stories are made up of words. Pick a word to make the story special.
2. Letter and sound match activities. Make words, match letters and sounds.

If time:

Visit the Polygon Playground







Week 23

Student Activities:

1. BrainPOP Jr. Earth Learn why we need to care for the Earth.
Remember our username is nes55 and our password is learn2 .

2. Starfall - Every Day is Earth Day!Earth Learn what you can do to help our planet Earth!

3. Create your own Cloud






Week 24

Student Activities:

1. Let's Make Words!Choose an ending like at then add a beginning letter to make rhyming words.

2. Test the Toad! Count up and down by ones.

3. Find bugs at Tina's World Listen and follow the directions.








Week 25

Student Activities:

1. Red Level Add Bugs Add groups of bugs together to find out how many in all.

2. Listen and read "It's Spring" Then choose another b ook to read that interests you. Reading is fun when you read about things you like!

3. Fish TankCatch the right number of fish for the fish tank.









Week 26

Student Activities:

1. Red Level Math Subtract Skinks Find out how many skinks are left when some walk away.

2. Monkey Business Put the words in the right order to make the sentence make sense.

3. Group the Animals Sort the animals into the right group.

Week 27

Student Activities:

1. Little Critter Goes CampingFollow along with the story and look for things to play with on each page.
2. Can You Balance? Click the stack of blocks you would add to the red pan to make it balance.

Week 28

Student Activities:

1. Choose a fun-to-read story to listen to. Follow along as you listen to the story.

2. Build a Bug
Create a bug by choosing different body parts.








Week 29

Student Activities:

1. Play "I Can Read" Listen and read each sentence. Then answer a question.

2. Sort Coins Put the coins in the right piggy bank.








Week 30

Student Activities:

1.Crank it Up! Use technology to create music.

2. ArtPad Use technology to create art using the paint palette and tools.

3.Explore Click and drag the mouse to create your own art.








Week 31

Student Activities: End of the Year Fun and Games

1. Bert's Bottle Caps Sort the bottle caps into the right place.

2. Patterns with Cookie Monster Find the item on the shelf to complete the pattern.

3. Mix and paint with Curious George Mix the colors and paint the picture.









3. Think about numbers using 5 frames and 10 frames.
Your Job:

3. Using frames of 5 and 10 can be a helpful way to learn basic number facts. The four games help to develop counting and addition skills.

Week 34
Student Activities:

1. Choose one of Story Bear's stories to listen to.
2. Choose a Digby Mole Word Game to play.
3. Play "How Tall" with Curious George. Your Job:
1. Follow along as you listen to a story that you choose to read.
2. Play a word game to help you learn new words.
3. Estimate and measure how tall something is.





Rainforest Level B "How Long?" Your Job:

3. Estimate and measure how long something is.




Week 36
Student Activities:

1. Listen to the story "Sea Dreams for Sasha".
2. Add with BugsYour Job:
1. Follow along as you listen to the story. Find out who helps Sasha fall asleep.
2. Count and add these colorful bugs.