Culminating Project: Our Town

          By Pam Westkott



         As one of the culminating projects of this unit, students may choose to write their own account of our town’s history, from before European contact to the present/future. This can be completed as a word processed book or play script, or as a Power Point project.



       Tiering – student’s projects may reflect their level of readiness

         Learner profile – students may select a product to showcase understanding that best fits their learning style/ MI

         Technology- research tool and word processing


Specific Standards

       Social Studies: II – Time, Culture & Change

         Technology: 3 – Productivity & 5 – Research tools

         Visual Arts: 1-Media, 4-History, & 6-Integrates with other disciplines

         Writing:  E2a- Student produces a report to demonstrate understanding.



            Computer, Internet access, printer, Power Point software

         Various art media



       At the conclusion to this unit of study, students may choose to create an account of our town’s history. They must determine a focus for the project and the timeline during which it occurred. A final segment is required of all students who select this option: they must end (or, begin and work backwards!) the project relating how the present history connects us to what has happened before now. They need to narrow this and develop a chapter/scene that depicts what life in Narragansett is like for them now and how they predict it will change in the future. They are considering what it means to be a citizen of NES and our community as a whole.




         An exemplar is shared with students to determine together the criteria for text and visual/ dramatic arts that will be used for evaluating projects. Students then begin planning the project. After researching, students begin to write their historical account.

Illustrations are encouraged. After proceeding through the writing process, the project is ready for publication. Students will self-evaluate using the rubric they’ve helped create. An evaluation is also to be completed by the teacher.

         If creating a Power Point project, students and teacher will use the NES Power Point Rubric, or possibly one of their own.