A Differentiated Instruction Unit for 3rd Grade
Carol Prest, Pam Westkott and Cheryl Blumenbaum

The Project
Teacher's Page
Light, Light, Light
Making Waves
Guess My Spot
Write a Song
Where in the World am I?
How Big is a Hand?
Landmark Quilt
Then and Now
Final Event
Our Town  

    The Project

        You live in Narragansett, a town that is near the Atlantic Ocean.  This is YOUR town where YOUR beach, YOUR school, and YOUR  house are located.  As you work through the Narragansett activities, think about this question.

        How is being a citizen of Narragansett like being a student at NES?

        You'll be investigating this question for 4 weeks so take your time, enjoy and learn everything you can about your exciting town.

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