Landmark Quilt

By Pam Westkott



       Each student will select and research a landmark that either existed or still exits in our town of Narragansett.  They will each demonstrate what they’ve learned through a class quilt made up of their individual pieces. We will look for a public place to showcase our work, such as donating it to be hung in the town Hall.



            Interests – students self-select their landmark

         Multiple Intelligences – possible use of different domains from research to visual piece created for quilt.

         Product – Individual interpretation through visual arts

         Technology – use of internet for research

Specific Standards

       Social Studies:  II - Time, Continuity & Change

                                   IV- Individuals, Groups & Institutions

Visual Arts: 1-Media, 2- Structure & Function, 4-Relating to History & Cultures

         Technology: 1, 3, & 4 – Use of technology as a research tool



       Computer, Internet and printer

         Two 9 x 9 inch squares for the quilt piece: one for planning, second for final piece

         Roll of fadeless art/craft paper to mount the individual squares into a complete class quilt

         Various media: marker, colored pencils, crayons, fabric & notions, small pieces of assorted construction paper for cut & paste designs, poster paint/watercolor

         Scissors and glue



       Teacher will share an exemplar(either made by the teacher or from a former student) to determine with children by what criteria will their quilt square be judged (such as scale, perspective, color, shading, horizon line, shape, neatness, etc.) Students will then select the landmark they wish to depict in their quilt square. They will research their topic and consider how they will showcase the landmark. Planning will occur on a 9 x 9 square as a first draft. Then final copy is designed and completed. After the entire class quilt is put together, each student will present their landmark to the group, telling about:

1.    which landmark it is

2.    where it is/was located

3.    the significance the landmark has to the town and its history

4.    how the student chose to represent it in the quilt

5.    any questions asked this landmark.



       An EXIT card will be completed by each student.


                           EXIT CARD for LANDMARKS



  List 3 things you learned during your research.

List 3 things you still wonder about this landmark.