Guess My Spot
by Cheryl Blumenbaum

Students will be able to read coordinates on a map to locate a certain place in Narragansett. Students will also be able to write coordinate pairs using proper notation.

Anchor activity -- from math series, Math Advantage
Exit card -- assessment
Multiple Intelligence -- interpersonal, visual, kinesthetic

Specific Standards:

Geography III People, Places & Environments
The learner can use appropriate resources, data sources, and geographic tools such as atlases, data bases, grid systems, charts, graphs, and maps to generate, manipulate, and interpret information;

Materials including technology:
Maps of Narragansett displayed from
3 x 5 cards
Computer with access to the internet, Kidspiration software and printer
Textbook: Narragansett: Our Seaside Community, A Retelling of Our Town’s History by Pam Westkott and Hope Rawlings.

Students will complete the lesson on coordinates in their Math Advantage series. The teacher may differentiate the content based on readiness.
In pairs: When students are proficient in coordinates, they will use the Mapquest website to display a map of Narragansett. The North, South, East, West buttons on the screen may be used to display different sections of Narragansett. When agreement has been reached on a section of Narragansett, the students will capture the image and save it to one of their folders on the Classroom server.
Next, the students will open Kidspiration software to a new picture and import the map saved on Classrooms.
When the map in displayed on screen in Kidspiration, the students will mark coordinates on their map.
Next, the students will display 5 places of either Narragansett past or present including their home. Pictures in the symbol library within Kidspiration may be used to mark the 5 locations. The students will also title their map. At this point, the students should save their map to Classrooms.
Pairs of students will then “travel” to the map stations and fill in the Find Me Chart shown below. The students will name the coordinates of the location, give the street name of the location and give the name of the building/place represented by the symbol.

An Exit Card, shown below, will be used to assess student learning.

Find Me Chart

Student Name_________________________ Date ______

Map Title ____________________________


Street Name

Name of Place







Exit Card