Narragansett Song - “This Town is Our Town”

Task: Students will work in groups to create a song about Narragansett. Each group will write a verse to the tune of “This Land is Our Land”.

Students will brainstorm and cooperate together to create a rhyming verse using what they know about Narragansett.

Specific Standards:
•NA-M.K-4.4 Composing and Arranging Music Within Specified guidelines: Students meet this standards as they create lyrics to music within specified guidelines.
Social Studies:

•a song lyric sheet (see attached)
•chart paper
•reflection sheet

Day 1-

1. Introduction: Tell students that songs can very powerful ways to get a point across. Point out all the songs that commercials use. They can convey information and evoke feelings.
2. Show lyrics to “This Land is Your Land” and sing first verse with children. Examine stanzas...what things were important to the author? What is he saying in the first stanza? The second? Discuss rhyming patterns.
3. Students will then work in groups of 3 or 4 to brainstorm ideas for their stanza of “This Town is Your Town”. Students may be assigned topics or sections of town. Show them the worksheet and the refrain. (See sheet). If there is time, share at the end of the day. Collect papers.
Day 2- Write newly created song on chart paper or give copy to each child. Practice singing song together, with each group singing their verse.