The Teacher's Page
This differentiated unit is a study of our town, Narragansett, Rhode Island. We want the students to understand the components that comprise a town and to appreciate their special town.
Essential question
How is being a citizen of Narragansett like being a student at Narragansett Elementary School?
Hook, Line and Sinker
You live in Narragansett, a town that is by the Atlantic Ocean.  This is YOUR town where YOUR beach is located, YOUR school, YOUR  house.  As you participate in the Narragansett activities, think about this question.
        How is being a citizen of Narragansett like being a student at NES?

The time frame of this unit is 4 weeks.

Curriculum Connections

Include music, visual arts, reading, writing, science and social studies.

Performance Standards
A2a The student makes an oral presentation of project plans or findings to an appropriate audience; that is, the student;
     organizes the presentation in a logical way
             appropriate to its purpose;
     speaks clearly and presents confidently;
     responds to questions from the audience;
     evaluates the effectiveness of the presentation.
A2c The student writes and formats information for short publications, such as brochures or posters; that is, the student
    organizes the information into an appropriate
              form for use in the publication;
    checks the information for accuracy;
    formats the publication so that it achieves its

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Final Assessment
Final Product Culminating Event