Kidspiration Project:

       Narragansett - Then & Now

                                            By Pam Westkott


       Students will create a Kidspiration webbing project during which they will compare and contrast our town about a self-selected topic. 



       Content- choice of topic to be webbed

         Process- use of Kidspiration software

         Product –individual web


Specific Standards

       Social Studies II – Time, Continuity & Change

         Technology – 3: Productivity Tools

                                4: Communication Tools

         Writing – E2a&b: Writing a Report & E4 Conventions



       Computer with access to Kidspiration software, the internet,  and a printer

         Textbook:  Narragansett: Our Seaside Community, A Retelling of Our Town’s History



       Students will select a topic of their interest about Narragansett, such as schools, farming, fishing, architecture, kitchens, games, business, songs/music, transportation, celebrations, etc…) They will go online to research the topic gathering information about an earlier time in our town’s history, as well as the present time.  Using the Kidspiration software program, each student will then develop a web to communicate what they have learned about their topic during the two time periods. This project will be saved in their Classrooms’ file. Students will print a copy to be evaluated, reflected upon and submitted into their portfolio.




       After reviewing and discussing the criteria of the standards

listed above, each student will reflect upon the information learned about the topic, the process for developing the project and how they believe they achieved in relation to the standards.


Name_____________________________ Date_________


          Reflection:  Narragansett – Now & Then

How does your web show you understand what happened in the past and how we are connected to that history?








What surprised you about the changes that have occurred between now and then?