A Toad for Tuesday is a story about two animals who are natural enemies in the wild. Owls are natural predators of toads. By learning about each other,  Warton and George realize that their friendship is more important than  being part of the food chain!

This unit is full of activities and resources to help you expand your knowledge of horned owls and toads, explore the concept of friendships and hands-on activities to have fun with.


You must visit the Facts, Quiz, and Writing
sites. You should complete the quiz and then
choose three of the writing assignments. You may then  visit any of the game sites. The vocabulary site might be helpful when working on your writing
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Toad Facts

Toads start life in or around ponds.

Toad eggs hatch in about 3 days.
Toads spend more time on land than frogs.
Toads are "cold blooded" ,which means
their body temperature is the same as the air,
water and soil around them.

Toads can absorb water through their
skin. This is how they "drink".
Toads hunt mostly at night. They
eat bugs, insects and slugs.

Toads can inflate themselves with air
to nearly double their size.
Toads hibernate in the winter.


Owl Facts

Female owls are usually larger than males.
Owls are nocturnal, they hunt at night.
Owls have an excellent sense of sight and hearing.

Great Horned Owls rely on "silent flight" to capture their prey. They will sit motionless on a branch waiting for signs of prey below them.
Owls have long sharp talons and long-tipped beaks for snaring their prey.
   Most owls eat small mammals such as rabbits,
mice, and rats. If necessary, they will eat frogs,
lizards, snakes and fish.
Owls regurgitate pellets containing the bones,
fur and feathers of their victims.

Owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees in either
direction .
Great Horned Owls use ready made nests abandoned
by other animals. They will roost in tree holes, cliff ledges,
and dense foliage.
The owls habitat is disappearing due to the loss
of forests and trees.


Time For A Quiz
Print yourself a copy of this quiz by clicking here.

1. Owls hunt at ___________________.

2. Toads can"drink" by __________________.

3. Toads hunt mostly at ______________.
They eat _______________________.

4. An owl's claws are called ____________.

5. Owls regurgitate _____________containing
the bones, feathers and fur of their victims.

6. Toads are _____________ which means
that their body temperature is the same as the
air, water and soil around them.

7. Owls help us by ________________

8. The best time to see an owl is ______

9. People hurt owls by ______________

10. Toads ____________  in the winter.


regurgitate: to rush, surge or flow back.

stump: the lower end of a tree or plant, left
after the main part is broken or cut off.

skimming: to move lightly.

 musty: having a smell or taste suggesting
mold, damp, poor ventilation, or decay:

dreary: dull; without cheer; gloomy;

hobble:  to walk awkwardly; limp.

beeswax:  the wax given out by bees,
from which they make their

flabbergasted: to make speechless with
surprise; astonish.


Fun And Games

Hangman Game: click here

Owl Word Search: click here
(Print out a copy to complete)

Mystery Hunt: click here

Toad For Tuesday Word Search: click here
(Print out a copy to complete)

Toad Poem: click here


Look over the five questions below. You must choose three questions to write about. See the rubric following for the criteria needed to answer these questions.

1. Describe how accurately the author described toads, owls and their habitats. Was he accurate?

2. The story, A Toad For Tuesday, is about a developing friendship. Discuss an important friendship you have with someone. Write about some of the things that make this friendship so special for you.

3. How do you think Warton and George will continue their friendship with each other? What are some ways that they could do this?

4. Discuss how humans are threatening owls. What can be done to help the owl?

5. Why was it unusual for Warton to be out in the snow? Is it unusual for owls to hunt toads? Link what you learned about owls and toads to answer this question.
1. Use complete sentences to answer the questions.
2. Use correct punctuation and capital letters where needed.
3. Use descriptive language to describe feelings, situations, etc.
4. Link factual answers to new knowledge you have gained.
5. All answers should be at least 2 paragraphs in length.





Created by Michaela Gardner