Student Activity 1

the Classroom Duck
by Susan Clymer

Adopt-Scrawny Writing a Persuasive Essay


     Do you think John and his classmates should be able to keep Scrawny as their classroom pet?  What will it take to convince Ms. Saunders and Ms. Lacksbury to let them keep a duck in the class?


     After viewing several internet sites featuring information about caring for ducks and ducklings, write a persuasive essay to either Ms. Saunders or Ms. Lacksbury.  Explain to them why the children should be able to keep the duckling.

The Process:  Exploring the Web, Creating a Product

     After reading Chapters 1,2 and 3 of the book, Scrawny, the Classroom Duck, follow the steps to complete your project.
      View the Internet sites
       What do you know about a mallard?

        Ducks of the World

       Write a letter to Ms. Saunders or Ms. Lacksbury to persuade them that the children should be able to keep Scrawny as a class pet.

      In the letter-
          *explain your choice
          *explain why your choice is the best idea
          *defend your choice from possible objections

     Be sure to include all the parts of a friendly letter.
            *complete date with correct punctuation
             *appropriate greeting
             *indented paragraphs
             *appropriate closing
             *your signature

How You Will  Be Graded

Your letter will be graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory by your teacher.  It will be graded on these points:
                *the quality of your writing
                *the complete use of all parts of a letter
                *your persuasive argument
                *correct spelling, punctuation, capitals and grammar

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