Student Activity 2


the Classroom Duck
by Susan Clymer


     Taking care of a baby duckling is serious business.  Many people wouldn't know what to do with a baby duck.  What would it eat? drink? need for water?


      You are going to write a manual for caring for baby ducks.  Using  the KidPix Slide Show programs, design 6 to 10 slides that show someone how to care for baby ducks.

The Process

     After reading the book, Scrawny the Classroom Duck,  visit some of the sites below to find information on how to care for orphan ducks.

        What to do when you find a baby duckling

        Is the baby bird really an orphan?

How It Will Be Graded

Your KidPix Slide Show will be graded on:

                *Information given about the care of the duck
                *Presentation of Slide Show:
                          - how well it engages the audience
                          - is it clear and understandable
                           -does it use appropiate language
                           -all group members contribute
                           -everyone takes turns.

                  *KidPix standard-
                           -has 6 - 10 slides
                           -with transition between slides
                           -voice recording describing the slide.

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