Student Activity 3


the Classroom Duck
by Susan Clymer


     Throughout the story, Susan Cylmer uses descriptions of a mallard duck.  How accurately does she describe a mallard?  Is she using true scientific information or did she provide the reader with incorrect information?

The Task

     You are going to visit some internet sites that have information on mallard ducks.  After visiting the sites, use the book to compare the accuracy of the description in the book.  Write a two paragraph report comparing the books description and the actual scientific information found on the Web.  Include a picture, either printed from the web or draw by you in your report.

The Process:  Exploring the Web, Creating a Product
     After visiting these sites, write a 2 paragraph report on the accuracy of the mallard information in Scrawny the Classroom Duck. Remember a paragraph has a main ideas, followed by several details sentences to support your main idea.  Don't forget a picture of a mallard.

              All About Mallard Ducks

              Learn More About Mallard Ducks

              More on  Mallards

               Compare and Contrast Organizer

How You Will Be Graded

     Your grade will be based on these points:

                    *Is your report accurate and easy to read?
                   *Did your report have a least two paragraphs?
                   *Did your report include a picture?
                   *Did your report compare actual science information on mallards?
                   *Did you have a main ideas in both paragraphs supported by details?
                   *Did you use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar?

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