Student activity 4


John realizes at the end of the book that keeping Scrawny as a pet is impossible.  He is faced with the difficult decision of what to do with him.  Where can he release him?  Will Scrawny be able to live in the wild?  Can she survive on her own?   If you were faced with the same problem, what would you do?  Where would you release Scrawny in Rhode Island?

The Task

You will visit some web sites that give information on wetlands in Rhode Island.  You need to think about an appropriate habitat for a mallard duck. Your task is to find a park in Rhode Island that would serve as a home for Scrawny.

The Process:  Exploring the Web, Creating a Product

          *Visit these web sites to learn about wetlands and parks in Rhode Island.
                       Maps of Rhode Island Parks

                       History of Rhode Island Parks

                       Where are the Wetlands in Rhode Island?

         *Create a poster,with a map and text and present an oral report to members of the group

How You Will Be Graded

Your group's poster/report will be graded on the following things:

                      *Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar
                      *Choice of park with supporting elements needed in a mallard habitat
                      *Easy to see map of the park
                      *Presentation of facts,clear speaking, and correct grammar.

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