(Students Workingto Advance Technology)

The Narragansett Elementary School SWAT Team is beginning its tenth year!

This goals of this project are:

Fourth grade students may choose to apply for:

1. The Narragansett Scoop
2. The Computer Buddies
3. The Web Weavers
4. Lunch Bunch Robotics

Third grade students may choose to apply for:

1. The NES Radio Reporters
2. The NES Photo Friends

Descriptions: SWAT Teams meet weekly throughout the school year.

Web Weavers - Students will learn web page design, update the school web page, and take digital photos or scan pictures. Topics submitted by teachers will be researched and "Hot Lists" will be developed.This group will meet weekly.

Scoop Group  - These students will use technology to report school news in the form of a newspaper. The Scoop reporters will publish three issues a year.


Computer Buddies - Students will be matched with interested teachers and will need to leave the classroom to assist other students via teacher request - no more than a 40-minute period each week. Students will be responsible for making up missed assignments.


Lunch Bunch Robotics - Students work in teams to create and build simple machines using Lego Robotics Kits. They learn good design strategies and how to program software to allow designs to complete challenging tasks. Students practice working collaboratively with others, problem solving skills and troubleshooting strategies.


Radio Reporters - Students will be reporters for WNES, our online radio station for kids, by kids. Student reporters will gather news and learn how to create a podcast using Garageband to report what's happening at NES. Podcasts will be posted to our webpage on a regular basis.

Photo Friends - Students will use digital cameras to take pictures of student learning, school assemblies, field trips, class projects and any other special school happenings at NES. They will post photos, create a slideshow or online photo story and then link to our school website.