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Senior Project Manual Table of Contents


Statement to the Seniors
Letter to Parents and Guardians of Seniors
Senior Project Manual Sign-off Sheet
Narragansett High School Core Values, Beliefs About Learning, and 21st Century Learning Expectations
RIDE Applied Learning Standards
Senior Project Mission Statement/Student Expectations
Senior Project Components



Acknowledgement and Consent Forms


NHS Senior Project Ethical Statement
Senior Project Proposal Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Student Acknowledgement Form and Liability Waiver
Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form and Liability Waiver
Student Electronic Recording Release and Liability Waiver
Parent/Guardian Electronic Recording Release and Liability Waiver




Choosing a Topic
Time/Cost Analysis Questionnaire
Instructions for Obtaining Approval for Senior Project
Senior Project Proposal
Senior Project Proposal Yes Test
Senior Project Proposal: Status Sheet
Senior Project Proposal Rubric
Directions for Senior Project Sign of Commitment
Sign of Commitment Rubric
Planning Process Reflection (Reflection Rubric)





Invitation to Mentor
Mentor Agreement Letter
Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Criminal Background Check for Mentor
Application for Criminal Background Check for Mentor
Parent/Guardian Waiver of Criminal Background Check for Mentor
Product Planning Calendar
Product Planning Calendar Rubric
Mentoring Time Log
Verification of Mentoring Hours
Mentor Evaluation Rubric



Research Paper


Research Paper Deadlines
Research Paper Proposal
Research Paper Proposal and Questions Checklist
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography Rubric
Note Card Rubric
Format Requirements for Senior Project Research Papers

Personal Interview
Senior Project Research Paper “Yes” Test for First Draft
Senior Project Research Paper “Yes” Test for Final Copy
Senior Project Research Paper Rubric
Research Paper Reflection





Requirements for the Senior Project Product



Senior Project Portfolio Tour

Requirements for Senior Project PortfolioTour
Yes Test for the Senior Project Portfolio Tour
Instructions for Building a Senior Project Portfolio Tour



Senior Project Presentations


Self Evaluation Reflection (Reflection Rubric)
Letter of Introduction to the Judges
Letter of Introduction to Judges Rubric
Senior Project Presentation Requirements
Presentation Preparation
Yes Test for Dress
Equipment and Special Requests for Senior Project Presentations
Senior Project Presentation Scoring Rubric



Additional Important Information


Block Style Letter Format
Senior Project Review Board
The Proficiency Based Graduation Requirement Appeal Process
Missed Deadline Policy
Extended School Day Policy