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Welcome to the Center of ALP

ALP is an acronym for Alternative Learning Program. It is designed for students who are academically struggling and require additional instruction with any skills to achieve proficiency. The reasons for students to enter the ALP vary between a wide range of different reasons, yet a common thread among them is their inability to reach their full academic potential in a traditional full classroom setting. With the benefit of smaller classes, the staff of the ALP can develop individual systems for students and maintain regular contact with the student’s parents/guardians.


How we do it

In the ALP program at Narragansett High school there are two groups of classes. There is a group of Freshman and Sophmores as well as a Junior and Senior group. Instead of the traditional four seperate classes. Because the program is so small, this works out conveinetly. All the students in ALP take all of the same classes and get most of the same work as mainstream educational classes. ALP just creates a smaller enviornment for more individualized education. There is no homework sent home with ALP students because part of the struggle for these students was getting work done at home. The only reason some students are in the program is strictly due to the fact that they did not complete homework. ALP is not a program that you ask to be in, it is a program that is suggested to you by your teachers or guidance councelor.