Freshman & Sophmore

The ‘9-10’ group of Alternative Learning Program consist of freshman and sophomores. This is the younger generation of the two classes. The students in the 9-10 rotate annually between the usual core freshman and sophomore classes. Most core classes for this group are held in the ALP classroom. The ALP classroom is attached to the common room of ALP, room 403. The classes the kids in this group take are English 9, Agricultural Science, World History, and Algebra 1 for 9th graders. English 10, Government, and Geometry are taken by 10th graders. This group is typically larger than the 11-12. These students in the 9-10 have elective classes with non-ALP students. Therefore, ALP does not isolate their students from students in main-stream classes. Although this group is within an alternative program, once the students are approaching the end of their sophomore year they are expected to have completed 10 portfolio entries which is consistent with the general school population..