About Us

The Alternative Learning Program at Narragansett High School is designed to support students with social, emotional and behavioral challenges.  Students are grouped by grades creating a 9/10 group and 11/12 group.  Although ALP classes are small, students are taught by regular educations teachers for their core classes of English, Science, Social Studies and Math.  ALP students join the mainstream for Advisory and electives.  The 9/10 group meets in a classroom that adjoins our common room while the 11/12 students travel to their teachers' classrooms. Because groups remain small, many students feel this helps them focus.  Each student meets in the common room last period every other day to work on program goals while setting short term goals for the week. These include assignment completion, counseling, transition activities, Richer Picture portfolio, organizational skills, and time management strategies. Academic work is completed in the classroom including work on common tasks.  This allows students to upload completed tasks into their portfolio under teacher supervision. Many students have stated removing the homework requirement has reduced the stress level surrounding school. Our seniors fulfill all the same graduation requirements established by the district including senior paper and senior project but time frames and deadlines are more flexible.