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Narragansett High School Nurse's Office

Welcome to the
NHS Nurse’s Office!

Flu Clinic Information:

November 1, 2016 - Community Flu Clinic at the Pier School from 4:00-6:30 pm.
November 2, 2016 - Flu clinics for students at NHS only from 8:30-10:30 am.
More information to follow on both clinics!

Information for Parents!

VBYG will be coming to NHS soon to help your children get up to date on required vaccines!

What is VBYG?

VBYG (Vaccinate Before You Graduate) is a vaccination program available to all high school students in grades 9-12.

VBYG Announcement..................... VBYG Consent Form.........................Immunization Requirements

**New State Regulations require all students entering grade 12 to have a 2nd Meningitis Vaccine and a current physical exam.**

NHS Medication Policy           Description:

If your child requires medication during the school day, whether daily or as needed, or Over-the-Counter or Prescription, the following must be followed:

  • A Medication Authorization Form must be completed by your child’s physician.  This form can be downloaded here “Medication Authorization Form” or obtained from the nurse and can be faxed to the school at 401-792-9410 by the physician’s office.
  • Parent must authorize the administration of the medication by signing the Medication Authorization Form or writing a note.
  • The medication, in its original pharmacy-labeled container, must be brought to the Nurse’s Office where the nurse will administer the medication as directed on the Medication Authorization Form.
  • Some medications that can be self-carried and self-administered, such as Inhalers, Epi-Pens, must still have a Medication Authorization form and parent signature on file.  There is a section on the Medication form for the physician can indicate your child may self-carry and self-administer the medication.  However, it is recommended there be an additional Epi-Pen or Inhaler for those students in the Health office in addition to the one a student is allowed to carry.
  • Under no circumstances can a student self-carry or self-administer a controlled substance. 
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and cough/throat drops can be given by the nurse on an occasional as needed basis if you have given permission on the Emergency Contact Form sent home at the beginning of the school year. 


If your child has a severe food allergy, please print this form for your child's healthcare provider to complete then return completed form to the school nurse.

Severe Food Allergies that Require Epinephrine


To Send or Not to Send….. Description:
If you’re not sure whether or not to send your child to school, here are some guidelines that may help you make that decision:

  • A child should not be in school with a fever of 100.4 or higher, and should not return to school until fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of temperature-lowering medication.
  • A child diagnosed with strep throat or conjunctivitis (pink eye) should be on antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours before returning to school, and should only return to school if he/she has been fever-free (see above).
  • A child that is vomiting or has diarrhea should remain home especially if symptoms occurred during the night.
  • A child with flu-like symptoms should remain home until symptoms have subsided. 
  • Please inform the nurse if your child has a potentially contagious condition such as chicken pox, strep throat, MRSA infection, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) head lice, etc.

Description:  If Your Child Becomes Ill or Injured at School…..
Children complaining of feeling ill at school will be sent to the Nurse’s Office.  After an assessment, if it is felt that your child needs to be dismissed, a parent/guardian listed on the Emergency Contact Form will be contacted by the nurse (or the main office is the nurse is not available).  Students are not allowed to call home to be dismissed.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns about this.
Rhode Island School Health Regulations Description:

As I’m sure you know by now, schools must assure that all students are immunized according to RI Department of Health Immunization Regulations.  By the time your child is in High School, he/she should have had a minimum of the following immunizations.

Hepatitis B – 3 Doses
DTaP – 5 doses (or 4 if the 4th was after the 4th birthday)
Polio – 4 doses (or 3 if the 3rd was after the 4th birthday)
MMR – 2 doses
Varicella – 2 doses
Tdap – 1 dose
Meningococcal – 1 dose (2 doses for grade 12 entry)

Remember to consider the Vaccinate Before you Graduate (VBYG) program that will be offered to all students at NHS as a way to catch up on any vaccinations or obtain vaccinations required by colleges!  More information will be available soon!

Description:, don’t forget that the Narragansett Community Flu Clinic will be held at the Pier Middle School on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 4:00-6:30!

Physical Examinations:

  • A School Physical Exam is currently required in Kindergarten, 7th grade and 12th grade, as well as for any student entering a Rhode Island School for the first time.  In addition, any student interested in participating in an organized sport at NHS will be required to have a physical exam.  The Physical Exam Forms are available from the Athletic Director, nurse, or on the NHS website.

RI School Physical Exam Form

Thunderkids Dental Program:

Students were given printed information about the Thundermist Community Dental Program to share with their families.  Thundermist provides dental services to students with parental consent at our school during the school day.  There is no out of pocket cost to participate.  Information and parental consent forms are available in the Main Office or Nurse's Office.


Please feef free to call me if you have any questions or concerns about the health and/or safety of your child!

Marianne Adams, RN, NCSN