This picture to the left (above) is called an elevator. In the middle is a normal elevator but is more focused on the bases and the back. The picture to the right is known as a twisting cradle, a twisting cradle is a dismount but the flyer comes down spinning or twisting

The picture above to the left is called a basket-toss, a flyer is thrown up, does a toe touch and comes back down to land safely in the arms of their bases and thirds. The middle picture is of people practicing a liberty. The right picture is of a one man, where the flyer is being held up by only one base.

This picture is of a pyramid, this stunt is complex and takes much practice to perfect. Dont try this at home.

The left picture is of a cheerleading squad doing many one mans at the same time, the picture to the left is of three different basket-tosses going up at the same time.

Left- Two elevators holding up another elevator. Center- A girl doing a scorpion. Right- A sitting toe touch.

Left- Right hurtler or herkie. Right- Toe touch

Left- toe touch. Right- Tuck

*~Stunting should never be performed without the correct equipment and supervision~*

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