The World Of Cheerleading

-Cheerleading is a sport known to most teenage girls, some get interested from a very young age while others get introduced during their years of high school.

-Competeing, stunting, cheering, showing school spirit, taunting the crowd, and yelling are of the many things that these girls do.

*Cheerleading first began in the 1880s at Princeton University. The very first male cheerleader was Johnny Campbell, who started a chant at the University Of Minnesota in 1898 but first introduced chants to the University in 1884. A "yell leader" squad was soon after formed at the University Of Minnesota, out of 4 male cheerleaders.


Did you know?
-90% of today's cheerleaders are female but 50% of collegiate level cheerleaders are male
-Cheerleading originated as an all-male activity.
-Females begen helping to cheer in the 1920s only because of the limited sports available for them.
-Mostly known for football, cheerleaders now participate at games for other things like basketball, soccer, ice hockey, wrestling.
-Soccer, ice hockey, and wresting don't have cheerleaders very often, they are rarely seen in these sports.
-1948- Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer began the (NCA) National Cheerleading Association.
-1949- NCA held their first clinic which involved 52 girls who participated.
-1950s- Most high schools have now began cheerleading squads
-1978- Cheerleaders were introduced to a whole new world of competitve cheerleading.


Other names for "Cheerleading squad":
*Spirit squad



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