Jumps and Motions

*In ANY jump you should always be tight and your toes should be pointed.

*Toe Touch- A jump where your legs are straddled out in front of you, as if you were sitting with your legs open. Your arms are up in a "T", your back is straight and knees pretty much locked. Your butt is "tucked under". This is the most common jump, another name it may go by is a teddy bear and no matter what many think, you DO NOT actually touch your toes.

*Tuck- A tuck is more of a warm up jump. A jump that gets you into placing your arms correctly and jumping to the highest of your ability. When jumping you pull your legs up to chest (many pull their feet to their bottoms when it isnt correct) Your arms are out into the "T" position.

*Pike- A pike is simple yet stressful. When you are in a pike, it is as if you are sitting with your legs straight out, your arms are out in front of you with your doughnut holes facing up.

*Herkie- There is a right and a left, simple as that. Right Hurkie is when you have your left foot behind you tucked beneath your butt and the right leg is spread out to the front of you. Arms are once again in the "T" position. A left herkie is the same thing but opposite, your right foot is tucked underneath your butt while your left leg is out in front of you.

*Double Nine- Quite similar to the pike except your right arm and leg are bent towards your left side to create hooks that look sort of like a nine.

*Double Jump- A double jump is simply when you do any jump twice in a row.

*Power Jump- A power jump is a jump which you do not have the use of your arms but all the power comes from the legs.



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