Cheerleading Positions

The Flyer- Defining a flyer is simple, A flyer is the person that you find flying in the air or on top of a stunt instead of holding people up or standing on the floor.

The Base- The Base or usually Bases are the people on the ground, lifting up the flyers. These people form the base of the stunt and are in control of stability and balance of the stunt.

The Third (aka Back)- The third or back is the person supporting the flyer from behind. Helping them to get into the stunt, stay up, and to catch them when they come back down. This person is responsible for stabilizing the stunt and catching the shoulders and head of the flyer when dismounting. Thirds can also be used in the front of a stunt but are not always needed.

Spotters- A spotter is someone who stands around the stunt usually before its perfected for extra help if the flyer happens to fall out of the stunt.



Base and Thirds

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