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World of Warcraft Was released November 23, 2004, the expainsion was released January 16, 2007. It is currently the largest MMORPG in terms of subscribers. The maximum level for this game is 60 or 70 if you have the expansion.
Everquest Was released March 16, 1999. There has been 14 expansions since that time and the max level is now 80. The graphics arn't as good as other newer games.
Guild Wars Good graphics but the game isn't as good as other games.
Anarchy online released in 2001
Lineage released in 1998 (midevil)
City of Heroes Relased in 2005 it is based on a comic book genre
Lord of the Rings online A new game that just came out.
Runescape Was created in 1999 (not the best game to play)