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The Beginings of "2pac"



Officail starting his career in the 1990s. He was debuted in the "Same Song" from Digital Underground's "This is and EP Release"
and finally was reconize for his rapping skills. He also appeared in the music video for "Same Song". Later Shakur was also appeared in
the second album of Digital Underground, "Sons of the P" .

Finally he created his first solo album "2pacalypse Now" in Ocutber 1991. The only problem was distributing his album as a solo artist.
Ted Field and Tom Whalley of Interscope Records eventully agreed to distribute the record. Shakur claimed his first album was aimed
at the problems facing young black malese but its was criticized for its graphic langauge and images of violence and aganist law
In on instant, young man claimed his album conviced him to kill a texas state trooper. "2pacalyspse Now" didnot do as well future
albums and did not get in the top ten hits.

The release of the "Strictly N.I.G.G.A.Z" was release in 1993. This album was mainly produce Randy "Strecth" Walker and Tupac had
two greatest hits "I'd Get Around" and "Keep Ya Head Up"




Tupac also acting in movies on side while rapping. His first appearence in a movie was "Nothing but trouble" in 1991. His first starring role was in Juice in 1992. He played as Bishop, a trigger happy teen.
Some other movies-

  • Poetic Justice
  • Above The Rim
  • Bullet
  • Gridlock'd
  • Gang Related

He could of acted in "Menance II Society but was removed due to a assault on Allen Hughes. He was replaced with actor Larenz Tate. Director John Singleton mention he wrote the script for "Baby Boy" and wanted Shakur for the leading role but due to Shakur's death.

In late 1993 formed a group with number of friends such as Big Syke, Macadoshis, his step brother Mopreme Shakur and Rated R. They release their first record "Thug Life Volume 1" on September 26, 1994. During live concerts, Tupac is no where to be found. "Thug Life" is noting more then philosophy of life claims Shakur. The word "Thug" is viewed as a criminal or rouge but Tupac calls it "someone who comes from oppressive or squild bacground and little opportunity but still made a life for themseleves and were proud".

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