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Death Row Records

After his release out of jail, Tupac quickly began to record another record. He then create another group of muisc artist called "Outlaws". Their first single was "Hit em Up" which was a lyrical assault on Biggie Smalls, family and friends. With no evidence, Tupac was sure members of Bad Boy knew the shooting of Shakur beforehand. The conflict between Tupac and Biggie fueled an "Eastcoast-Westcoast War"

In Feburary 1996, Tupac release another album called "All Eyez on Me". Shakur's album sold over 9 million copies During This Time Shakur was doing part time produce for several songs such as "Until The End of Time" and "Better Dayz" It took Shakur a week to release a record, three days to write the lyrics and four days to produce the record. Shakur had plans to start Makaveli Records which would of had Wu-tang clan, Outlawz, Big Daddy Kane, Big Syke and Gang Starr.


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