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On September 7, 1996, Tupac attended a Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada . After the fight, one of Suge Knight spotted Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, a memember of the "Southside Crips". Once Shakur was told he quickly rushed and knock Anderson down to the ground. Once on the ground Shakur, Knight and fellow friends began beating down Anderson. This attacked was recorded on a surveillance camera. Later that night, they planned on heading down to Death Row Record-own Club 662, travling in Knight's 1996 black BMW 750i Sedan.  


  • At 10:55 pm: They stopped a stop light and rolled down their window and a photograhper took a picture of them.
  • At 11:00-11:05 pm: A bicycle cop stopped them for blasting thier music loud and for not having license plates on and it turns out the license plates where located in Knight's trunk, they were release with no charge
  • At about 11:10 pm : Stopped at stop light on Flamingo near the intersection of Koval Lane.Shakur standed up in sunroof exchanging words with two woman and inviteing them to attend Club 662
  • At 11:15 pm: A white, four door Cadillica pulled up on the Sedan's right side.It seems the Cadillica rolled down its window and fired tweleve to thirteen shots at the Sedan. Shakur was hit four times, one in the chest, pelvis,right hand and the thigh. One of rounds apparently hit Shakur in his right lung. Knight was grazed by a bullet near his head.
  • Once the police arrive at the scene, the police and peramedics immeditly took Shakur, Knight and fellow friends to the University of Medical Center
  • Once arrived at the hosptital, one of Shakur's friend,Gobi, had recieved calls of death threats aimed at Shakur that they were going to "finish him". Immeditly Gobi reported to police and the shooters never showed up at the hospital.
  • Shakur was in and out of being "consiousness", he was suriving through a ventailor and a respirartor.
  • Shakur went through mutiple critical surgey, also having a failed right lung and had chance of 50% of surving
  • The sixth night at the hospital, Shakur was at 13% to recovery
  • Septembesr 13, 1996; Shakur died due to internal bleeding, docters could not bring Shakur back to life. His mother told the docters to stop trying to revive him, at 4:03 pm, Shakur was pronouce dead.
  • Shakur is cremeted, his ashs was spread all over California,the Pacific Ocean, his mother's home in North Carolina and even his Aunt's home. Members of Outlaws began to smoke Shakur's ashs.

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