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Hard Times

Tupac's charge

  • In Ocutber 1991, Tupac was brutally assault by Oakland Police for jaywalking. Tupac filed $10 million civil suit at first. Tupac settled for $42 thousand because Tupac was sick of going to court.
  • In 1993, Shakur shot two off duty cops who were harassing a black motorist. All charges was dropped because both officers were intoxicated and were in possession of stolen weapons from the evidence locker during the time.
  • In December 1993 Tupac and others were charged of sexually abuse of woman at a hotel. According to complaint, Shakur sodomized the young woman and encouraged his friend to sexually abuse her. Shakur denies the charges. Acorrding to what happen, the young lady performed oral sex on the club and had some connection, later that night at the hotel. The next day, she came back and at sexual intercourse of Shakur and friends claims the girl. Shakur claims he fell asleep after she shorty arrived. He felt bad that he left her alone with friends. At the time, he did not want to go to jail for a crime he didnot commit. The judge describe the crime "an act of brutal vilonence against a helpless woman".
  • In 1994, he was charged for attacking a fomer employer on a music video set. he was sentanceed 15 days in jail and several days of community services with $2000 fine.
  • In 1995, Shakur was brought up for charge, a wrongful death against Shakur for 1992 shooting that killed Qu'id Walker-Teal, a six year from Marin, California. The child wasa victim of a missed bullet between Shakur's entourage and rivial group. Through several tests, the bullets were not from Shakur or any of his entourage. Charges were not dropped, Shakur had settle an amount with the family, estimating around $300,000-$500,000. After serving his time sentance, he was release on bail.
  • Apirl 5,1996, Tupac was sentance 120 days for viloating his probation.

November 1994 Shooting

On the night of November 30, 1994 after the sexually abuse charged. Shaukur was shot 5 times and robbed at the Quad recording Studio in Manhatten. He acusse Puff Daddy, Andre Harell and Biggie Smalls whom he saw after the shooting or setup. Shakur aslo suppected close friend and assocciate Randy "Stretch" Walker. According to doctors, Shakur was shot twice in the head,twice near the groin and once in the arm. He checked out, against the docotor's order , three hours after his surgey. Later Shakur entered the courthouse in a wheel chair and was guilty for three molestation and innocent six others. One year later November 30 1995, Randy "Stretch" Walker was killed.


Life in Prison

Tupac serve his time in Clinton Correctional Facility on Feburary 15 1995. During this period, Shakur's album, "Me against the world" went multi-platinum. Tupac is the only artist who has an album went number one on the Billboard 200 while serving sentance. The ablum sold 240,000 copies in its first album. He married his long time girlfriend, Keisha Morris during his sentance. The marriage seemed to have never existed between the couple. Shakur read many books while serving his sentance about politcal philosphy and stratgey. He also wrote a screenplay, entitled " Live to tell".

In Ocutber of 1995, Shakur was release on bail of $1.4 million. Marion "Suge" Knight supplied the money but only if Shakur release three albums for Death Row Records.

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