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Covith Sen December 4,2007

Web Design 3a Common Task Reflection

In this common task, I was to create any website that I wanted to create. So I create a website that was based on “Tupac Amaru Shakur’s life”. I learned how to use “Dreamweaver” to my advantage such as creating text, adding images or evening color on webpage. I also learned that a webpage can be very helpful to other people needed of facts about any type of facts about anything. Websites can give you the information you need for a report, instead of looking through a book and reading it thoroughly. The process to learn this content was learning how to use the program “Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004”. Without learning or even knowing how to use it, it will be very difficult to create a website without it.

The most challenging aspect of this task was to know what to create for a website. Options are unlimited and are open to choose from so it was very difficult to just pick one. Since there is no limit to decide what to choose, once chosen we decided the purpose of the website, and is it appropriate for the audience? The least challenging aspect of this common task was creating the website itself. Once the topic is chosen, its easy flowing from there. Deciding what to put in it is easy as long you follow the format. Adding images, information on the page is easy because the whole website is all divided for you.

The Academic Learning Expectation I used in this common task was “1.4, Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information”. I used this by having some errors on my webpage such as not correct text color for the audience or errors for adding images. I solved these problems by analysis the error and once I found out the issue, I would use the textbook for guidance. The Social and Civic Learning Expectation I used in this common task was “2.1, Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration”. I used this by working independently on my webpage and deciding what to put in the webpage and what to leave. Working only and expressing my creativity towards the webpage was very fun.

This webpage help me develop as student by learning how to use Dreamweaver, not only learning but using it as another way to present future projects for other classes. This common task help me develop as a individual by learning and understanding the world today. Today our world uses the internet for looking up information, are evening just for fun. Understanding how many people uses the internet to look up information on a webpage is very interesting. Without web pages, internet our world will be very different to way it exist today.

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