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Jacob Desforges
Web Site Common Task Reflection
Web Design, Mr. Herz

Our assignment was to create a website using Macromedia Dreamweaver that incorporated two additional pages linked from the index, four external links, and a works cited page. From completing this assignment I learned more ways to enhance a website, such as inserting pictures, backgrounds, and music. I also learned that making a website can take a lot of time and effort. The process I used to learn the content was referencing HTML websites that have helpful tutorials. I believe this method helped me learn the content because these tutorials give you step-by-step instructions on how to insert what you want. Also, you can backtrack in the tutorial to see if you messed up and what caused your error. The most challenging aspect of this task was thinking of an idea or theme for your site. I think this was the most challenging aspect because there are some themes that will be easy and others that will present a problem. You have to pick a topic that has a variety of reliable sources where you can get your information. In contrast, the least challenging aspect of this task was actually creating the website once you had a topic. This was the easiest part of the task for me because I picked a topic that had many references and reliable sources. There were also many images that I found to enhance my site. I reached an academic standard by completing this task because I communicated effectively using a technological format by completing my website. Also, I demonstrated the skills necessary for independence and collaboration by completing the assignment and working out the problems by myself. Completing this task has helped me develop as a student because I now better understand how to develop a website. I can also make a website using code or the design view presented in Macromedia Dreamweaver. Finally, I have progressed as a student because I meet the expectation that I understand and can demonstrate use of the material.

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