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Jerome was not one of the original band members but has been playing music for many years. He has played in bands such as Mortal and Fold Zandura with artists Jyro Xhan, Ray Tongpo and Wilson Peralta. In 1988, Jyro, Ray, Wilson and Jerome all relasesed a demo tape called “Wish Fifteen”. Not only invoved in the music industry, Jerome has produced some independent arcts such as “Echoing Green", "Sonia V", "I Predict a Clone", and "Velvet Blue Music". In 2002, Jyro and Jerome released a Mortal reunion called “Nu-En-Jin”.

Now, Jerome, a Filipino American musician, is Switchfoot’s pianist and vocalist. At the age of 31, he is married to his wife Kristi. Like all the other band members, Jerome’s favorite past times include surfing.


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