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“Life is about sacrifices. You pick something up, you put something down. If you pick up a guitar, it means you're not going to play the bass. That's a tremendous responsibility for a bunch of kids like us. The way I see it, life is short. Life is a gun, life is a bullet. It ends so quickly, so while I'm still here I wanna be living for what matters most.” –Jon Foreman source

Switchfoot began as a high school band called “Chin Up” with members Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, and Chad Butler. Before this band, Jon and Tim were part of a Led Zeppelin cover band in junior high. Jon began his guitar career was instituted by the persuasion of Todd Cooper. Because of this, Jon has become one of the best guitarists.

Dropping out of UC San Diego, Jon began to increase is music career by singing with Mandy Moore for her movie’s soundtrack of "A Walk to Remember". Later Jon sang with Relient K as portraying Jesus in the song "Deathbed" on their "Five Score and Seven Years" album. In 2002, Jon married his wife Emily Foreman. One of Jon’s and the entire band’s favorite past times includes surfing.

Currently Jon takes a large role in Switchfoot by being the lead singer, guitarist, harmonica player and writer of almost all the songs for all their albums, sometimes co-writing with his brother Tim. He says that his main influences are U2, The Police, James Taylor, The Beatles, Bach, Nirvana, Johnny cash and Bob Dylan.

At the age of 31, Jon has not only been a main part of Switchfoot, but has also done some solo side work. On November 27th, Jon released "Fall", his first of four solo EP's named after each season; fall, winter, spring and summer. The next album, "Winter", is due to be released on January 15th, 2008 . Jon has also been singing and playing with other music artists from the San Diego area such as solo artist Molly Jenson and Nickel Creek band member Sean Watkins. Sean and Jon are coming out with a CD called “The Real SeanJon” by the end of 2008. Recently, Jon and Molly played for a concert with artist Drew Bray and AJ Degrasse benefiting Habitat for Humanity.




For the past 3 years, Switchfoot has been the sponsers to a surfing competition called Bro-Am, in San Diego to fund local organizations. The day includes a surf competition in the morning and a concert with multiple acts in the afternoon.

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