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Just like most bands, Switchfoot has their own unique sound and style. The Switchfoot sound is known as a melodic crunch of densely layered sound featuring some electronic experimentation, and often driven by hard-charging guitar riffs, while throwing in a few softer, spacey ballads as well. Switchfoot’s lead singer said that there band has never really been able to classify their music. “We’ve never fit in any of the genre boxes,” says Jon. “I think that diversity is our strength”.

"We've always been very open and honest about where the songs are coming from. For us, these songs are for everyone. Calling us 'Christian rock' tends to be a box that closes some people out and excludes them. And that's not what we're trying to do. Music has always opened my mind — and that's what we want” says Jon Foreman.

“We try to make music for thinking people,” says Jon Foreman, lead singer and writer of all Switchfoot songs. Jon states that some of his influences for his songs include Bono, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Songs such as “Sooner or Later (Soren’s Song)” and “Something More (Augustine’s Confession)” are influenced by philosophers like Søren Kierkegaard and Augustine of Hippo. Other songs, like “Meant to Live” are influenced by T. S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men”. Nothing is Sound’s single “Stars”, according to Jon Foreman, “briefly looks at things from the Descartes perspective”. Jon's lyrics steer clear of preachiness, exclusive declarations of faith, or even any mention of Jesus Christ; instead questioning the status quo, probing existential issues through "Socratic dialogue". “Jon's poetry is acclaimed by fans and critics alike for its heartfelt honesty, which is evident in his appraisal of the human condition, and in his willingness to not just embrace his faith, but to express doubt as well.”

A main influence on Switchfoot’s Nothing is Sound is the band’s trip to South Africa’s villages. Their song, “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine” was recorded while on the trip. With the experience of seeing the orphanages filled with infants who did not have their parents anymore because of AIDS and spending time with them encouraged the band to sign with Lowercase People. The band also had the opportunity to get involved with “Kuyasa Kids”, a children’s choir from the villages. To help raise money for the choir and their communities, Switchfoot produced a CD featuring the “Kuyasa Kid’s Choir”.

According to Jon Foreman in a MySpace blog, Switchfoot is working on their next album that will probably be released in Fall of 2008. “Yes, it was there that I led the cat out of the bag—we’re tracking a few tunes for the next project this week” says Jon Foreman. This next album will be released as Switchfoot as an Indie band. Their new records label is called Lowercase People Records and this label will oversee the band’s current side projects and will release their next record.

Switchfoot recently came off of their fall tour called the “Appetite For Construction Tour” with bands Relient K and Ruth. With each ticket sold, $1 would be donated to the Habitat for Humanity foundation. As of November 17, they had raised $67, 000 for the foundation. Switchfoot, Relient K’s Matt Thiessen, and members of Ruth wrote the song “Rebuild” as the theme of their tour


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