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For this assignment, I had to create my own webpage about a topic that I knew well by using the Adobe Dreamweaver program. I chose my favorite band called Switchfoot, a band from San Diego, California. By completing this project, I learned how to use the Adobe Dreamweaver program which is an easier way to create a web page. I learned how to organize large amounts of information that I had found or produced by myself into a well thought-out website so that the viewers would not be confused and could easily use the webpage. The process in which I used to learn about the Adobe program was by doing the exercises that were in the Web Design text book. This was all complete prior to beginning my website. With this practice, I knew more about the program and how it worked before I began my project. This process helped because with the experience that I got from using the book, I could use those skills in creating my website. The most challenging aspect of the task was learning how to use the Adobe Dreamweaver program. Since I have never used this program before, it took me some time to get used to how the program works. But by using this program, it made the process of creating the website much easier. The least challenging aspect of the task was finding information about my topic, Switchfoot, and organizing it for each page of the website. Since I had a lot of past knowledge about the band, this came to my advantage when I was organizing the information. In completion of this task, I used the Academic Learning Expectation 1.1 “Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats”. This website was designed to inform and communicate to people about the band Switchfoot. I also used the Academic Learning Expectation 1.4 “Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information”. I took information from other sources and collaborated them so that they would inform others about Switchfoot. The conclusion of this task has helped me learn how to use other programs on the computer that I have never used before in school. I have also developed and bettered my skills of collecting information and presenting it in a understandable way for others, who have no background on the topic, understand it.

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