Lacrosse originated in Northern America centuries ago, for it was used by the Native American's for religious purposes. Such as resolving conflicts, healing rituals, and developing strong men for war. Lacrosse to the natives, was nothing like lacrosse today. Each team would have hundreds or thousands of players over mile long playing fields. Their games would last for days and were extremly violent. Goals were consisted of tree posts, rocks, or later on the natives put two posts together which the ball had to pass through. Their sticks were made out of a wood and cloth. Their balls were created from deerskin, mud or baked clay. Lacrosse continued to be played this way until in 1636 a French explorer arived in Cananda. Canadians soon adapted the game and by the 1800's and by 1837 Goerge Beers, a Canadian dentist, constructed the first set of rules. 40 years later, the United States adopted the game and the first collage team was established at Phillip's Academy in Mass. In 1926 the first woman's team was put together Bryn Mawr School in Maryland.