When I learned that we were going to construct a website on any topic I desired, I pondered about a good topic that I wanted to spend weeks writing about. I came to the conclusion of Lacrosse, being it is my favorite sport to play and it would be easy to find information on. During this project, I learned alot about how to make a website and the program Dreamweaver. At first I was unsure how to use the program, and when I did manage to figure out how to do something, I usually could not do it agian on the next page. This caused the first few days to be very frustrating. As days went on and I experienced the parts of the program I soon became confident in what I was doing. I could make navbars, line breaks, and new web pages with my eyes closed. The better I got at it, the more fun it was to make this website. By the third week, my hard work paid off and I was finally done. It was a very rewarding feeling.

The Flash on the other hand, was a frustrating task all the way to the end. It took me a long time to understand the program, let alone make the flash itself.