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Lacrosse today is the fastest growing sport in America. Since 1999, the number of high school players has gone from 40,000 to more than 169,000 players. There are over 400 collage club lacrosse teams, and 10 professional teams. Now, lacrosse is played on a football size field with two goals that resemble the structure of a soccer net but much smaller. The lacrosse goal is also a triangular shape. Similar to hockey, the lacrosse goal today has circular crease surounding the goal. Only the goalie is allowed in the crease, and a turn over is the punishment for a field player violating the crease rule. Lacrosse is played in the spring season.To start the game a draw occurs in the middle of the field.This draw is also used after a team scores a goal. There are two halfs in a lacrosse game, usually 25 mintutes long.