Some Dance Theatres Near Us.
Dance Artisrty INC
Rosemary's School of dance Education
Atwood Performing Arts Center
Jodi-Lyn Papa Dance& Gymnastics
Cheryl's School of Dance
Busy Bodies
The Studio
The dance Connection
Off the Curb Hip Hop

There are many more dance theatres near to Narragansett, but these are the ones that I know are good. Most of these schools compete in dance competitions. Except Busy Bodies, which is a newly developed dance studio in Wakefeild , RI. Busy Bodies mostly has littler kids, due to its brand new opening. Rhode Island Ballet Theatre dosnt compete either. Rhode Island Ballet Theatre is mostly a dance school that performs during the year at many different locations doing many different plays, such as The Nutcracker, Madeline, Hansel and Grettle and many more. Rhode Island Ballet Theatre is located in North Kingstown, RI. Narragansett Performing Arts Centere has been opened for about 16- 18 years. Right now Narragansett Performing Arts Centere is located on Boon Street, in Narragansett, RI. The Talent Factory located in North Kingstown, RI. The Talent Factory competes just like Narragansett Performing Arts Centere. However they only compete against eachother at the competition New York City Dance Alliance. Which is located in Boston, MA. The Talent Factory mostly competes within the dance schools of RI/ near to them. However Narragsnett Performing Arts Centere competes with studios all over the state/world. Dance Artistry is another studio that competes aganist NPAC(Narragansett Performing Arts Centere). Dance Artistry is locatated in Warwick, RI. This school unlike all the other schools also includes Karate and Yogo. All the other studios only have Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrcial, Modern, Point and some Acrobatics. Jodi-Lyn Papa Dance & Gymnastics is a very well known, talented school. Jodi-Lyn Papa Dance & Gymnastics is located in Warwick, RI. This dance school competes and in many competitions win many awards and sometimes get sent off around the state to compete somewhere else. The Studio is another studio that dosent compete. The Studio is a very classical studio and has performances through out the year, but they also sing there so, there performaces are a mix between singing, and dancing. The Studio is located in Narragansett, RI. Rosemary's School of dance Education is one of the few schools to have more than one studio in more than one location. It is located in Warren, RI and Tiverton, RI. Cheryls School of Dance is another competing dance school. They also do get very good awards, so they have to be semi-talented. Cheryls School of dance is located in North Providence, RI. The Dance Connection is also another that competes, but they dont really receive high awards, although they are one of the few studios that have creative movement. They also have their own store, named The Dance Connection Store. The Dance Connection is located in Johnston, RI. Atwood Performing Arts, AN AMAZING DANCE SCHOOL. Atwood Performing Arts has all the types of dance and Gymnastics. Atwood is another competing school, they receive very high Awards, higher than Jodi-Lynn Papa. Atwood wins almost every competition. They dance almost everyday, practicing over and over again. They put very hard work into their dances, and they really try. Last but not least, Off the curb. Off the Curb isnt a competiting Dance studio. They are mostly Profesional Dancers, that teach classes to kids who would like to learn hip hop, or other dance. They major in hip hop. They make routines that other studios perform in Competitions. Off the curb has made a couple routines for Narragansett Performing Arts Center. One named Let It Bumb, and another named TBA. Off the curb is located all over Rhode Island.

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