UPDATES: Panic has recently taken the exclamtion point out of their name. - The new album entitled "Pretty. Odd." has been scheduled for release on March 25th. - Nine In The Afternoon Will Be the new single.


Panic! At The Disco is like no other. With their catchy, sentence-long song titles and upbeat tempo's, they rose to success in only two years. From having played no shows to two years later being on the cover of Rolling Stone, you could say the rise was quick. With only one platinum album under their belt, they have captured the eyes of many people, creating a quickly growing fan base. With Brendon Urie on lead vocals, Ryan Ross on back-up vocals and lead guitar, Spencer Smith on the drums, and Jon Walker on the bass, they have established a cohesive bond that not even glass bottles haven't broken. Before you grab a cold washcloth, let's diagnose what caused A Fever...... Read More..

Welcome to my Panic! At The Disco Fan Site. Here you will find information on the band, its members, a discography, and links to other sites relating to Panic! At The Disco. You can also view photos of the members from photoshoots and concerts. Clips from their songs are provided, and also videos of the band in interviews and live performances are on the videos page, located under the media section. Information for the bands record label, Fueled By Ramen, can be found here also. The band's bio is also located on this website.
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