Before you grab a cold washcloth, let's diagnose what caused A Fever. It all started in Summerlin, Nevada, when 12 year old Ryan Ross asked for a a guitar for Christmas. His close friend Spencer Smith than asked for a drum set, and the two began playing together. “Really, from that first year [playing instruments], all we really did was cover Blink 182 songs," remembers Spencer, laughing. Starting as a cover band, they eventually made their way up to a real band, under the name The Summer League. Ryan and Spencer recruited friend Brent Wilson and Trevor, who eventually left the band. Being one member short, they needed another. Brent knew of a kid in his music class at Palo Verde High School who was good on the guitar. This kid was Brendon Urie. Brent asked Brendon to try out for the guitar position and he gladly accepted. At first, Brendon was not the lead singer, rather just the guitar player, and Ryan was lead vocals, but when the band heard him singing backup vocals during a practice, they knew that he deserved the position of lead vocals. This did not go over very well with Ryan, who complied only after some convincing. The name Panic! At The Disco came shortly after, which they adapted from a Name Taken song called “Panic”.

Shortly after christening themselves “Panic! At The Disco” and recording only one demo named “Time To Dance”, Ryan Ross sent a demo of theirs to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy's Livejournal. He was so impressed with their music, that he flew out to Vegas to hear them perform. They sounded rough when they performed, but Pete gave them a chance anyway. They were signed to the Decaydance/ Fueled By Ramen . After being signed, things took off for them quickly. With Spencer, Brent, and Brendon scraping by to finish school, and Ryan dropping out of his freshmen year of college, they all made the decision that this band was their career path. Not all of the parents were supportive of this decision, especially Ryan's father. “When I told my dad I wanted to drop out and write music, he definitely flipped out. It was a battle between me being happy and doing what would make him happy," Ryan Ross stated. Even so, the boys left for College Park, Maryland, where they were to begin recording their debut album with Matt Squire.

While in Maryland, they recorded their 13 track debut album, entitled A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. The boys began gaining recognition through their Purevolume and Myspace sites. They even began posting in a blog on The first entry, posted by Ryan states “hello hellooo. i'm in Maryland right now, today is the first day of tracking drums which also happens to be the first day i'll be able to be on the internet. first of about four total. anyways we did preproduction for the past 7 days and the squiz is convinced we are ready to begin bringing the rock. Ooooooooooh.” The band released A Fever on September 27, 2005. Though they gained the recognition of the fans, they never seemed to attract media attention. That all changed when they appeared on MTV's TRL on January 17 th, 2006 and premiered their video for the single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which later went on to win the Video of the Year award at the VMA's.

The band then took off on the Truckstop and Statelines Tour, where they gained many fans. They out shined one of the bands on tour, Acceptance, and got moved up right before the headliner, The Academy is..., who's album they beat in sales during the tour. Even though everything was going so smooth, trouble was ahead. The band eventually had to break from their bassist Brent Wilson. There was a lot of controversy circulating around this event, with speculations of greed and money. The band released an official statement on March 17 th, 2006 on their website, saying that the band and Brent just began going different ways after he failed to show up for practices. They quickly replaced him with TAI TV camera man Jon Walker. He became a permanent member on July 3rd, 2007. They released two more singles in that year, “But it's Better If You Do” and “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.” They embarked on numerous tours in this year,including two headlining tours, one of which was titled Nothing Rhymes With Circus ,and their singles soared on the billboard charts. The band also was featured on The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Edition soundtrack, performing “This Is Halloween.”

After a hard two years of touring and recording, the band took a rest for a couple of months. They then entered a cabin on a mountainside outside of Las Vegas, Nevada to begin the writing process of their sophomore album. While there, they wrote a song entitled “It's True Love,” which they performed at live at Summerfest, but is rumored to not be on the second album. MTV Questioned the band as to why they were scrapping the newer songs they had written, Ryan Ross replied "We were just piecing stuff together up in the cabin. We would take lyrics, and we didn't really have ... a band set up," he explained. "We were just writing on pianos and guitars separately and just throwing other things in there, and it didn't really sound like a band, it sounded like a film score." Ryan then continued "We went through a stage of writing that just happened because we were on tour for so long, and we were sick of those old songs so much that we decided to write songs that were really complicated and challenging for us. Then we realized that it's not going to be any fun to play these live either, so we decided to ditch the whole project. There was a story line throughout the whole record, a short story, and we decided to put that on the shelf and just start playing as a band, and it's been a lot better." As for the new album at this point "We've got about six or seven songs that are pretty much complete ... and [they're] a lot more uplifting. They've got a more positive outlook to them. It's kind of hard to write a bunch of sad songs if you're not sad anymore. I guess they're pretty different than the songs on the first album. I mean, we wrote those songs like three to four years ago, so obviously we've changed a lot in terms of everything — what we like and what we think is good." They have two other songs entitled “Middle of Summer” and “Nine In The Afternoon” that have been recorded for the new album. It is rumored that Nine In The Afternoon will be their next single, rumored to be released around Christmas time. Rob Mathes has been confirmed as the producer. You can look for this record in February/March of 2008.

Warning: Panic! At The Disco is not a trend. Prepare accordingly.


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